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About Me:

The 2013-2014 school year will be my 17th year teaching. I have a Master's of Educational Technology degree from Michigan State.  I hold a Master’s of Teaching degree from Marygrove College, and I received my B.S. in English and elementary education from the College of New Jersey, where my husband and I resided while he was in the Air Force.   Prior to my teaching experiences in Michigan, I worked at an educational science company, where I taught hands-on science activities to students in grades K-8 at various schools in NJ.

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My Educational Philosophy
  • I call my philosophy the, "Whatever Works Wins!" philosophy, because I believe that it is my job to motivate each child to learn as well as to discover the learning style that works best for each of my students.
  • It is my mission as a teacher to give every one of my students an effective education, and to motivate each child to do his or her best.  I plan to give them opportunities and experiences that will enable them to develop personal morals, to contribute to their community, and to respond to our ever changing world.

My Educational
Technology Philosophy

I believe that incorporating technology into the classroom is critical.  Today’s students need to become productive members of our society and in order to function, live productively, and learn effectively.  In our digital world it is of utmost importance that students learn about gathering and presenting information with the use of technology.  As students communicate and collaborate with various technologies, they will develop interpersonal skills as well as become educated individuals.  The use of technology in the classroom is a huge motivational tool as well.  If students know that their work will be published on the internet for a real audience, it encourages them to display higher quality work.

  • In the classroom students should be learning about various methods of conducting research and gathering information using the internet. 
  •  As students evaluate and select information to conduct research, they will simultaneously develop critical thinking, problem-solving, and decision making skills.
  • Many applications inspire students to use creativity and innovation in their work.  There are many presenting tools available for students to use when presenting information such as Microsoft Word, Excel, and Powerpoint.    Students can create podcasts to broadcast information gathered.  Google now offers a number of free applications that students might use as well to present information such as Google Docs (which is similar to a word processing program) and Google Page Creator (which allows one to create web pages).  Incorporating technology into the curriculum encourages students to think “out of the box,” when designing various publications. 
  • Integrating communication and collaboration technologies into the classroom enables teachers to expose students to a wealth of information that otherwise could not be possible.  
  • Exposing students to technology in the classroom, prepares students for experiences that they will encounter as adults.  In order to compete in our global society we need to give our students appropriate technology skills as well as encourage creative thinking.