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 Swartz Creek Community Schools

Computer Technology and Network Policy Summary


Click here to read the entire Computer Technology and Network Policy(taken from the Swartz Creek Schools Handbook) 

Prior to using the school network and internet, all students and parents must sign an agreement which defines the conditions under which the student may participate.  This form is available at the above link or in the student handbook.

Swartz Creek Community Schools has acceptable use procedures. Swartz Creek Community Schools provides a wide range of computer and technological resources to its students and staff for the purpose of advancing the educational mission of the District.  The District Internet access is filtered by the GEN Net content filtering system. This filter meets all the standards of the Children’s Internet Protection Act.  The use of District technology is a privilege, which can be revoked at any time by the District.

Students are expected to use “Network Etiquette” when using the internet and technology equipment. 

Access to Potentially Objectionable Content

Web Pages and Blogs

The following activities will be used to teach elementary students in my classroom about internet safety:
Kindergarten K-2
Students will learn about cyber safety.
1.  Internet Safety PPT
2.  Watch What to do on the Web
3.  Watch Webville Outlaws
4.  Together complete Name That Outlaw
5.  Print the Internet Safety Pledge for students to sign (pg 4 of the document)
6.   online
(**Only had time to do What to do on the Web, so do Webvill Outlaws and Name that Outlaw a different week.)
Addtional Resources
3rd 3-5
Students will learn about cyber safety.
1.  Doug's Interactive Story about Internet Safety.  On chart paper record internet lessons learned throughout the story.  Put up on bulletin board.
2.  Assign each student a number 1-33.  Have students go to Doug's Safe Surfin Tips.
3.  Students go online to their assigned number and each student reads that internet tip aloud.
4.  Online Safety Quiz
5.  Print upper elementary  Internet Safety Pledge for students to sign.
6.  Students go online to complete the interactive  Web License activity
Addtional Resources