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How To Create Meaningful Word Clouds!

Rosa Parks Word Cloud

As students present their information, the audience views the Word Cloud, which give them a visual to connect with during the presentation.  Because important words stand out in the Word Cloud, they will be more apt to stick in the students' memory.

Have students create a "word cloud" at

For African American History Month:

1.  Have students go to
2.  Have each student choose a person to learn about, and write an informational piece about that person.
3.  Highlight the text that describes the person, and then paste the text to to create a "word cloud" about that person.
4.  Have students print both the word cloud from Wordle and the information about their person.  
5.  Students present information by displaying the word cloud and a picture of the person, as they read the information printed.

Students enjoyed this project!  Creating the Word Cloud motivated the students to produced quality work in their research, writing, and presenting as well.

Use Wordle to create a synonym word cloud!
Various Wordle Ideas For The Classroom:

*Create character descriptions
*Math, science, or social studies vocabulary cloud
*Make a spelling word cloud
*Make any type of holiday card