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April 17, 2010

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Approximately three years of work have gone into creating my educational technology website portfolio, which all began because of my curiosity in what a podcast was.  I feel that I have come so far and I am proud to share with you my experiences that Michigan State University has brought to me.  The learning doesn’t stop here.  My website will continue to develop and grow throughout my teaching career as I learn and integrate new and emerging technologies.  Although I have numerous elements displayed on my website, I would like to highlight three of my favorite parts, which include my Student Links, Student Products, and video creation.
Student Links:

This is the page of my website that is used every by my students.  I have divided it into sections which include links to educational activities, Help Me (this part contains video tutorials for students to view as part of my lesson), Search Engines, Student Resources, Online Books, Applications, and Lesson Links.  This webpage makes it easy for me to guide students to appropriate websites as well as allow them to download Word or Excel documents that I have created.

Student Products:  

I created this page to allow students the ability to share their work with an authentic audience.  This page is a parent and student favorite.  There are photos of projects displayed, student created webpage portfolios, movies, and slideshows. 

Video Creation (Click here to view examples from my MSU Coursework page):  

I am very interested in connecting the creation of video with meaningful student learning.  There are a number of videos posted on my MSU Coursework page that illustrate my abilities to create video as a method of presenting information in a compelling manner.  Presently in my classroom I am having fifth graders creating digital poetry video, fourth graders are creating digital animal reports, and third graders are making digital multiplication videos.

Throughout my journey I have gained a valuable amount of knowledge in the area of educational technology.  I have learned how to repurpose technology tools to use in the educational setting to create meaningful experiences.  Creating a Student Links page enables me to bring online learning experiences to my elementary age students as well as ensure the safety of them.  Providing a Student Products page helps me to connect with parents as student projects are displayed.  As I have experimented with creating video I feel that my technical skills have grown in using Windows Movie Maker, creating screencasts, and publishing video to sites such as YouTube and SchoolTube.  Although only three elements of my website have been highlighted above, my most proud accomplishment is the creation of my entire website.  It has been interesting to learn about obtaining a domain name, how to upload files to a server, and how to design a website.  I have had fun in designing the look of my website, gearing it towards elementary students and elementary teachers.  I feel as though my journey has just begun.