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Lower Elementary:

Use Kidspiration to add items to a pumpkin to create silly pumpkin faces.
Open Pumpkin in Kidspiration
Lower Elementary:

Use Kidspiration to put the life cycle of a pumpkin pictures in order and write about it.
Open pumpkin life cycle in Kidspiration.
Lower Elementary:

View a slideshow about the life cycle of a pumpkin,
Upper Elementary:

Create a descriptve sentence by adding more details using Word.  Choose a topic below:

Upper Elementary
Story Switcheroo!!

1.  Students choose a story starter from the column at the right and copy and paste into Word.  
2.  Students type their story for 5 minutes.
3.  All students switch seats by moving to the right.
4.  They next student continues typing the story.
5.  Continue switching every 5 minutes.

Story Starters:

It was the best Halloween costume ever, but I needed to convince someone to buy it for me.

The Halloween party was over. Bob reached up to take off his mask. It wouldn’t come off! 

The door to the living room slowly opened and in walked …

You would never believe what happened to me last night.  I met an alien. 

It was the last pumpkin in the field.

There was a ghost who wanted a friend.

We walked up to the big, dark, house to trick-or-treat and guess what happened? 

If I were a black cat… 

It was so embarrassed when…
Halloween Surprise Funny Fill In