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MACUL 2011 Educational Technology Conference
Cobo Center, Detroit MI

Here are some resources from J'aime Holderbaum's experience at the MACUL Conference!


This is an online application that records your voice.  Then you may add a music behind your voice by chosing a style.
Ideas for ecucational use:
  • Have students record an their intro paragraph and UJam it!
  • Lower elementary students could record their voice reciting a nursery rhyme or the alphabet.
  • Record students reading a story and make it into a song.
MI Learning on the iTunes U
There is more to itunes than just music.  There are many educational videos, tutorials, podcasts, and documents that can be viewed or downloaded at the iTunes U.

To access go to your iTunes Store and click iTunes U from the bottom of the page:

Now Choose the K-12 Link:

Choose Michigan's MI Learning and access educational content.
Journey North

This is a collaborative project in which you can view places in the world that spring has reached.  By watching a collaborative map students can see when spring reaches various locations in the world.  You can sign your class up to participate in activities such as planting a tulip bulp and reporting when it has sprouted and bloomed.  Your classes information will appear on the collaborative map.

Also track monarch butterflies, humming birds, robins, whales, and much more.  In the fall Journey North becomes Journey South!
Monster Exchange Project

Monster Exchange is designed to encourage the development of reading and writing skills while integrating Internet technology into the classroom curriculum. Classrooms from a variety of schools worldwide are paired together; the students in each classroom are split into groups, each of which designs an original picture of a monster. The students must then write a description of the monster. The partnered classes then exchange their descriptions via e-mail and the Internet. These students are then challenged to use reading comprehension skills to read the descriptions and translate them into a monster picture. The true challenge involves creating a redrawn picture as close to the original picture as possible without looking at the original and using only the written description of the monster.

Find collaborative projects on this site.
Click on Project Registry to  look for collaborative projects.

This is an online scavenger hunt using a Google Map.  A clue is given, then if the student gets the right answer, they will fly to that location on the map.
Projects By Jen

Projects on this site are aimed at pre K through 6th grade.  Theses are collaborative projects in which you complete a project and send in your data.  Your classes data will be compared to other classes around the world.

Use to convert file types and download and save YouTube videos.
It also can convert a PDF to a text doc.


Download and save YouTube videos.  Just copy and paste the URL into the box and choose download.
This is freeware to download that is similar to Word, PowerPoint, Excel.  The software was created by the same creators as Open Office.  This allows students the ability to use this program who are unable to afford the Microsoft Office package.

Free and legal music downloads
Students could use this music as background music in digital stories or in PowerPoint projects.

Photosynth takes your photos, mashes them together and recreates a 3D scene out of them that anyone can view and move around in.

Write Your Story Wiki

Write a collaborative story with students around the world.  One class starts a story and it is submitted.  Then another class continues the story.  It is published on the wiki,
Google Art Project

Explore art museums from around the world.  Create your own collection of art.
Speaking Image

Create and share images with interactive notes.
Museum of Modern Art

Go on an interactive tour of the Museum of Modern Art!
Glogster Poster Yourself

Create posters on this site.

A safe internet gateway for kids.
Google Earth
Elementary Ideas:
Find story settings
Find animal homelands
Free Downloads:
Websites of presenters:

Other Recommended Sites:

SAS curriculum Pathways (Grades 8-12 online mulitmedia resources)

Trails Assesment Tool:  Targeting Information Literacy

Picnik:  A photo editing site

Recipes For Success:

Citation Machine

Fun Stuff For Kids Page

Check out this video made by students to show their school spirit.
These students were challenged to make this video by thier rival school.