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Masters of Arts in
Educational Technology Coursework

CEP 807  Capstone Seminar for the Master of Arts in Educational Technology
Instructor:  Robin Dickson
Spring 2010
The focus of CEP 807 is on supporting each other's work in creating a capstone ePortfolio that showcases the excellent work done in working towards a masters degree. The goal is for each participant to create an enduring and useful web presence.

Creation of a Web Portfolio Index Page

Throughout the all of the courses taken at MSU, I have created a multiple page website that I use daily to deliver lessons to students, display student work, communicate with parents, and share teacher resources.
My Resume

I have created an interactive digital resume.  My resume contains links to examples of work that demonstrates my technology abilities.
Student Links Page

This student links page contains links to Kindergarten through fifth grade student activities, online tutorials, and search engines
Showcase of Student Work

This page showcases student products that students have created in my technology class.  It contains links to student created webpages, PowerPoints, and videos.  Photos of student projects are also displayed.
Summary of Swartz Creek Community Schools Computer Technology and Network Policy

Here I have displayed a summary to the Swartz Creek Community Schools Conmputer Technology Network Policy and provided a link to the full policy.  This page also contains links to activities that can be used to teach elementary students about internet safety.
My Favorite Educational Technology

One of my favorite technologies is Wordle.net.  This is a program that generates "Word Clouds."  My webpage demonstrates a number of ideas that can be used with Wordle!
My Future as a Learner

Synthesis Paper

CEP 882 The Nature and Design of Compelling Experiences
Instructor:  David Wong
Spring Semester 2010
An important goal of educators is to create compelling learning experiences for their students. This course teaches one to create lessons that mean more than catching and holding their attention, more than eliciting gasps and laughter. The course is about  moving the students to see, feel, and respond in new ways. We all have an intuitive sense and first hand knowledge of what compelling experiences are. The purpose of this course is to help one develop a better understanding of compelling, educative experiences.

Work of Art
This video demonstrates the compelling experience created through the integration of mathematical concepts and the program Microsoft Paint.

The elements of capturing a good photo are demonstrated in the above video.

A Tale of Two Retail Spaces
  This video analyzes the interior design of two craft stores.

Video:  What Not to Teach
Based on the TV show What Not To Wear

The above video illustrates how to teach multiplication by focusing on differing learning styles.

Creation of a Compelling Video
The purpose of this video is to give the viewer the feeling that Swartz Creek Community Schools is a district of excellence.

View a blog created with Blogger 

View this blog, created with Blogger.  This blog site was used as a journal during CEP882 to made connections between the Nature and Design of Compelling Experiences and education.

Summer  2009 Cohort
Instructors:  Dr. Punya Mishra, Mike DeSchryver, Penny Thompson, and Greg Casperson
  • CEP 800  Learning in School and Other Settings:  Topics covered included, learning in an active manner, and socially-mediated construction of knowledge in school, home, community, and work settings. We analyzed, what is learned, how it is taught and learned, and what learners bring to the setting.
  • CEP 815  Technology & Leadership:  Professional development strategies were explored such as, project management, planning and evaluation, relationship building, and ethical and social implications of technology integration.
  • CEP 822  Approaches to Ed Research:  Alternative methods of educational research were explored. We identified researchable problems in education and developed a research proposal. Students learned about applications of descriptive and inferential statistics for analyzing and critiquing published studies.

This presentation analyzes the behaviorism teechniques that are present in a game provided by multiplicatioin.com.
Congnitive Concept Map Using Inspiration Software

The concept map demonstrates an analysis of various cognitive learning theories.  It also illustrated the connections that can be made useing the Inspiration software.
Cognitive Tools Presentation:  How to Use Scratch Software

Scratch is a new programming language that makes it easy to create your own interactive stories, animations, games, music, and art -- and share your creations on the web.  This site was created with a collaborative team.
Understanding Understanding Group Video Project

The above website was created collaboratively using Google Sites.  The project demonstrates that children have misconceptions and as educators, understanding these misconceptions can help guide our instructional practices.
Key Topics:  Wiki on Social and Ethical Issues in Technology

Wikispaces was used to create a collaborative wiki titled Social and Ethical Issues in Technology, covering the topics copyright, digital equity, and intellectual property rights.
Dream It!! Grant Proposal

This project was to create a grant proposal.  My topic requested Smartboared technology to enable our students to acquire mathematical skills and strategies that will build their confidence as well as instill a desire to be lifelong learners in the area of math.
Physics Video:  Where will the ball fall?

The above video demonstrates that video technology can be used as an instructional tool in the area of science to help students analyze, understand, and present information.

Final Paper:  Looking Back & Looking Forward

Created a social bookmarking site using Delicious,
which allows one to save and share favorite websites.  
Click here to view my Delicious site.

CEP 820  Teaching K-12 Students Online
Instructor:  Dr. Robin Dickson
Fall 2008
This class explored various methods of using Google Applications in online teaching.  We learned about how to create an online learning experience for use in our own classrooms.

An online reading experience was created for third graders.  Students learn about genre and theme.  They also learn about a number of literary elements including character, setting, problem, main events, and solution. 
In this class students will have the opportunity to learn through online video, podcasts, interactive PowerPoints, and blogging.
Creation of a Website Using Google Sites

I created this website using Google Sites.  The site demonstrates various Google applications such as how to create your own search engine, using the photo editing software Picasa, Google Earth, and Google Books.

CEP 812  Applying Educational Technology to Problems

Instructor:  Melissa White
Fall 2007
A major focus of this course was designing a multiple page website to be utilized as an educaitonal tool.  Various topics covered in this course were podcasting, creating an annotated links page, writing a personal technology plan, and copyright.

CEP 812: Multiple Page Website

The beginning of my classroom website began in this class.
CEP 812: Creation of a Podcast

A podcast was created using Gcast freeware.  This podcast is a recording of an innovation written by third graders titled, "The Cat in the Hat Visits Third Grade."
 CEP 812: Special Interest Group  Annotated Links Page

This website contains podcating information for educators in the K-12 setting to use.  This website provides links to teach about what a podcast is, podcasting software, creating a podcast, and podcasting lesson plans.
CEP 812  Ethics Lesson Plan

The above lesson teaches upper elementary students about copyright ethics.

CEP 812: Personal Technology Plan

My plan, written in the beginning of my journey in the MAET program,  includes a vision statement for technology in education and a plan for growth in using technology in education.

CEP 811  Adapting Innovative Technology to Education
Instructor:  Melissa White
Summer 2007
During this course we learned how to create a website using a domain, ftp software, and webpublishing software.  Blogs were used as a method of reflection.  The creation of a "Stand Alone Instructional Resource" was created by making a nonlinear PowerPoint.

CEP 811: Creation of Webquest

This Webquest focuses on the Iditarod, which is a dog sled race that takes place in Alaska, during March.  Throughout this Webquest, students pretend that they are journalists, who research and create a newspaper page about the Iditarod.
CEP 811: StAIR(Stand Alone Instructional Resource)
Click Here To Download PowerPoint

This is a non linear PowerPoint that students can interact with one-on-one to learn about rounding numbers.
CEP 811: Development of Edublog Site and Use of a Reflection Blog

A blog was used to reflect and comment on assignments in this course.  It demonstrates the ability to use blogs as an instructional tool in the classroom.

CEP 810  Teaching Understanding With Computers

Instructor:  Melissa White
Summer 2007
The major technologies focused upon in this class were Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint as educational tools.

CEP 810: Educational Application of PowerPoint 
View Via SlideShare

Above is a demonstration of my ability to use Mircosoft PowerPoint as an educational tool.

CEP 810: Educational Application of Excel

This Excel project allows students to create both a bar graph and circle graph to illustrate who their teacher was last year.  Students also answer questions to analyze the data presented.

CEP 810: Educational Application of Word

Click here to view graphic organizer to create descriptive sentences & use to display work on trees:

A graphic organizer was created using Microsoft Word in which students created descriptive sentences.  The sentence parts were then displayed on trees!
CEP 810: Implementing a Model Lesson Plan
In this lesson students research information about our community of Swartz Creek, MI and create a timeline.

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