Makey Makey Activities!!

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What is Makey Makey?

Click here to watch a video to learn what Makey Makey is!

Activity 1:  Make Bongo Drums with your Makey Makey kit:

Test various materials with the bongo drums to determine which materials are conductors and which are insulators.


Make Beatbox Sounds with Your Makey Makey Kit

Activity 2: Use materials that your have determined to be conductors to create a game control pad to play PacMan.

Activity 3:  Build a piano.

Activity 4:  Intro to making your own program with Makey Makey and Scratch

Demonstrate how to add your own character/sprite and give it a command.
Attach the MakeyMakey circuit board to run the program.
Have students try one of their own.

Click here to go to the Scratch Project Editor

Activity 5:  Make a game controller for a one button game
Students will use pipe cleaner along with the Makey Makey Kit to Make a one button game. 
Connect the pipe cleaner to the Spacebar circuit with the alligator clips.  You might want to add something that is a conductor to the
end of the pipecleaner such as a ball of play dough or a marshmallow.

Click below to test the game controller:

Activity 6:  Make a game controller using the arrow keys along with foil and a sheet of foam.

Try with one of these activities:


Drum Machine

Super Mario Brothers Game

Activity 7:  Make a guitar by drawing four strings using pencil on a note card.  Connect the alligator clips to the arrow keys on the circuit board and to the pencil lines on the note card. Use with the game below.