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Presidents Day

Two Great Presidents Video

Lets Find Out

 Click here to learn about George Washington and Abraham Lincoln.
(Use the above website to do a KWL activity)

 Print a coloring page of George Washington.

  Print a coloring page of Abraham Lincoln.

View photos of all of our United States Presidents!

 **Presidents Song/Video**

  Funny Fill In Story: President For a Day (2nd-5th Grades)

  Mystery:  Follow the clues to discover the missing parts of this portrait of George Washington.

 View a Tour of the White House.

President for a day activity

  Online Movie:  The Life of George Washington

  If  you were President, how would you run the country?

  US President Games

  Guess which President it is from the picture.

Math Hunt US Presidents

Presidents Day Crossword on AbCya

Presidents Day Word Search on AbCya