Student Products


  • Welcome to my favorite page, our elementary technology student products page!  This page contains samples of work created by kindergarten through fifth grade at Elms Road Elementary, Dieck Elementary, and Syring Elementary.
  • Check back throughout the year to view student created webpages, PowerPoints, videos, and much more!!!
To view student PowerPoints, you may need to download the FREE POWERPOINT VIEWER.  Click here to go to the free download.

*Click here to hear a song about George Washington,
made by Mrs. Lafave's second grade class!

*Click here to hear a song called "Extreme Eddie,"
created by students in Mrs. Hittle's third grade.

View webpages created by students!

4th and 5th grade students researched a topic of thier choice and learned how to use Weebly to publish a webpage!
5th Grade

Mr. Ryan's Class
Mrs. Kimbrue's Class
Mrs. Tallman's Class
Mrs. Allison's Class
Mr. Bedell's Class
Mr. West's Class

4th grade

Mrs. Harbert's Class
Mrs. Sherman's Class
Mrs. Brownfield's Class
Mrs. Swales' Class
Mr. Love's Class
Mrs. McCormick's Class
Mrs. McCullough's Class

View webpages created by students!
  • 5th graders made a website that gives information about famous explorers
  • 4th graders made a website that gives information about man made landmarks in the USA.
Famous Explorer Webpages:

5th Grade Elms
5th Grade Syring
5th Grade Dieck
United States Landmarks Webpages:

4th Grade Elms
4th Grade Syring
4th Grade Dieck

4th graders researched facts about Thanksgiving and created Vokis, on which they recorded their facts.  
Click the link to the right to view your child's Voki!!
4th Grade Vokis: Elms
4th Grade Vokis:  Syring
4th Grade Vokis: Dieck

Fifth Graders Used MS Paint to create symmetrical designs.  They also wrote similes to describe their design.  They published the assignment as a PowerPoint!  
Click the below links to view!!
5th Grade Symmetrical Designs: Elms
5th Grade Symmetrical Designs:  Syring
5th Grade Symmetrical Designs: Dieck