Turkey Glyph and Graph

1.  Follow these directions to draw a turkey in MS Paint.
Save and Print.

2.  Collect data.

3.  Use the data to create a graph using Excel.  Click here for template.

Likes white meat:  circle body

Likes dark meat:  oval body horizontal

Don’t like turkey: oval body vertical 

Likes pumpkin pie best:  Long Neck 

Likes apple pie best:  Short Neck 

Likes cranberry sauce:  Eyes look down

Doesn’t like cranberry sauce:  Eyes look up

Staying home for dinner:  Open beak

Going someplace for dinner:  Closed beak

Likes gravy:  Long skinny waddle

Doesn’t like gravy:  Short wide waddle

Eat in the kitchen:  Bent knees on legs

Eat in the dining room:  Straight knees on legs

You help cook:  Short tail feathers

You do not help cook:  Long tail feather