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Copyright Lesson Plan
 By: J'aime Holderbaum

Target Learners:  Upper elementary

Time:  This lesson will take approximately one hour.  

Teaching Strategies Used:
Simulation and problem solving
Cooperative learning


Students will learn what copyright is.
Students will work with a partner to research an assigned focus question related to the topic of copyright.
Students will create a cartoon picture explaining their topic.
Students will present their information to the class.

Click Here to view the Cyberbee website and learn about what copyright is.

1.  Click Here to download  and print a graphic organizer to use when learning about copyright information.

2.  Each pair of students will research one aspect of copyright information from the following topics:

  • What is copyright?
  • Why should I care about copyright?
  • Which works are protected by copyright?
  • Which works are not protected by copyright?
  • Who owns the copyright in a work?
  • What is copyright infringement?
  • When do I need permission to copy?
  • How do I obtain copyright protection?
  • When and how do I register a copyright?
  • How long does copyright protection last?

3.  Students work with a partner to read about copyright, and complete the graphic organizer.

4.  Students go to http://www.copyrightkids.org/cbasicsframes.htm and use the information from this website to complete the graphic organizer.

Conclusion and Assessment:

Each pair of students will share the information gathered on their graphic organizer with the class.

Additional Links With Copyright Information:




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